"The Country Club" for me is the Starbucks off 1382 in Cedar Hill (TX).

I know when I show up every Friday for my weekly business accountability meeting with my buddy David Darty, who owns a local dry cleaner, we will spend a few minutes talking trash to a group of "wise men with lots of experience in life" about sports teams and philosophizing on how to fix the current problems with world.  

It's a highlight of my week.

One Friday, I walked in and there was a police officer in uniform sitting down and joining in on the trash talk. 

They called me over to join in and introduced me to the new Police Chief of Cedar Hill, Chief Ely Reyes.  

I was impressed how he held his own in the back and forth banter and was also into Podcasting, so I asked him to come on the podcast to talk about how he planned to keep Cedar Hill safe with all the new excited changes happening in the city.  

This is that interview.  

If you're a Cedar Hill resident or just interested in how law enforcement keeps a city safe, you will enjoy this interview. 



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