This is the the worst time in the history of America to be a lazy person.

50 years ago you could live in America (or some other developed country), be lazy and still a descent job because the internet wasn't at scale yet (if it was even invented).  

Today, if you don't develop skills relevant to the changing economy, you are going to be exposed financially and "robots" or other skilled professionals in countries with cheaper labor will take your job...And contrary to what they tell you, there is NO POLITICIAN who can save you. 

They couldn't save blacksmiths, horse and buggy drivers, paper boys, borders, blockbuster, or any other people or companies in the past who didn't adjust.  

At the same time, it's never been easier to develop skills relevant to make the transition if you drop the entitlement mindset, and get to work.  

In the episode, I speak with Felecia Pittman, CEO of Pittman Training and Staffing, about how to make the transition in the new world we are moving into.

And for those of you who think you're safe...the transition is just getting started.  No one is safe that isn't making a conscious effort to adapt to this fast moving digital world.  

Enjoy this episode.  I know I did.

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