Even-though I earned good grades in school, I told my Dad I didn't want to go to college because I didn't see how it would help me become a successful business owner.  

My young often overconfident brain couldn't comprehend how someone who wasn't an entrepreneur could charge me all this money to teach me how to do something they've never done before. 

Well if you have black father you know that didn't fly, so I went to college, graduated, and racked up student loan debt (that I'm still paying off). 

There aren't many things I can go back to my Pops and say that I was right about, but this is definitely one of those topics I haven't budged on. 

As a matter, after years of meeting many financially successful, happy people with no college degree and meeting too many people with Masters degree and PHDs with no money in the bank, I think it's solidified my thoughts around our OVERPRICED education system.  

I'm not saying it's not for some people.  What I'm saying is it's not for everyone and it's definitely way to expensive for the value it provides.  

My buddy Jeff Postell, owner and CEO of "The Post L Group" and I talk about the benefits of alternative career paths.  


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