"I love investing in my friends that have good ideas because if it's a great idea and I have assessed it, I understand it's going to help me and it's going to help them."

                                                                                                 -Chris Ibezim

This quote pretty much sums up why Chris is so successful. 

Many people believe to be successful in business you have to be cut throat and heartless. 

That couldn't be more further from the truth I know.

Chris Ibezim dominates in business and just about anything he puts his mind to while being a nice guy....who says nice guys finish last.

In this episode we talk about how: 

  • How Chris became the #1 salesperson for a very large well-know home-builder
  • His experience modeling for Essence Magazine as their "Eye Candy of the Week"
  • What it took to come back from a big financial set back
  • The art of excellent negotiation
  • How to make time to exercise
  • And more!

I learned so much from this brother and I'm blessed to know him.  

Enjoy the episode.  

Check him out here on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yo_iman05/



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