Episode 127: “No excuses”

We live in an abundant world FULL of opportunities.  

Sure, robots and computers are eliminating some jobs.  However, at the same time, technology is enabling us to make money in ways we never thought possible.

If I told you 10 years ago, that someone in 2019 would be making millions of dollars a year playing video games, you would have laughed me out the room. 

Or, that someone would be making millions of dollars reviewing toys on YouTube.

Or, that if you wanted to become a full time musician, you no longer needed the record labels.  You could make a legit $184,000 a year building a fan base on internet, getting paid to be an influencer, and doing shows.  

There are thousands of these types of stories I hear about every day which make me super optimistic about the future.  

Lots of folks have excuses for why they don't this and why they don't that.

Not Alex Martin...when he made the mental decision to get serious about content creation he has taken off and in a relatively short period of time built a consistent clientele of big time influencers, entertainers, and business people!

This was fun episode for me and I'm sure you will enjoy it!


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