Episode 119: “The Sales Evangelist”

The ability to sell someone an idea, product, or service is one of the MOST (if not the most) valuable skills in the world today...and has been since the beginning of time.

When you study history you find that, the best leaders, politicians, and business people were master salesmen and saleswomen.

The principles around selling don't change, but the context around how you use them change often. 

For example, door-to-door sales worked well in the early 20th century (and might still work as long as you aren't knocking on my door), but once everyone had a telephone in their home, it became a lot more effective to use telephone to establish an initial connection. 

Those businesses who adjusted to change slowly, were jumped past by businesses who stayed up to date on the context around how to best approach their target customer/client. 

My guest today is Donald Kelly ,"The Sales Evangelist", and in my opinion, he is one of the best at understanding and executing on the changing context around effective selling in the new world we live in.   

I'm confident you will enjoy this one.  

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